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An Open Source Solution to COBOL Transaction Processing in Java/Jakarta EE Application Servers

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Set Your COBOL Applications Free

Migrate and modernize your legacy COBOL applications to the cloud with minimum effort or run them on premise at the platform of choice.
QWICS is a lightweight Open Source framework that allows to run your traditional transaction processing COBOL applications including the terminal-style UI map definitions as part of a standard Java/Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE) application server. It enables you not only to modernize your applications by seamlessly integrating COBOL with Java and all modern web technologies.

Online QWICS Development Environment

Develop, test and run your transactional COBOL and Java/Jakarta EE applications in the cloud with our web-based integrated development environment. Get started qwickly without the need for downloading and installing QWICS locally.
Use our comfortable, browser-based tools for code editing, database and app server administration. Try it and sign in for a free demo now!

Build On Established Open Source Components

QWICS is build upon established and Enterprise-ready Open Source Software components such as the GnuCOBOL compiler and the PostgreSQL relational database system. While being usable with any Java EE-compliant Application Server, our cloud-based development platform uses WildFly application server.

Platform Independent

QWICS runs on Linux and most other Un*x-like systems, on Docker and in the cloud. In particular, it also runs on Linux on the Mainframe, allowing to reduce your applications' TCO while preserving the strengths of the modern Mainframe. Since it is completely free and open, compared to other Mainframe application re-hosting solutions it provides full flexibility and vendor independence, without creating a new vendor lock-in to proprietary emulation solutions.

Learn More

Read more about the architecture and functionality of QWICS in the following research paper. Please cite it as follows when referring to QWICS in your own work:

Brune P. (2018). A Hybrid Approach to Re-Host and Mix Transactional COBOL and Java Code in Java EE Web Applications using Open Source Software.
In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies - Volume 1: WEBIST, ISBN 978-989-758-324-7, pages 239-246. DOI: 10.5220/0006943402390246

The following extended article also describes the more recent features of QWICS such as the support for messaging:

Brune P. (2019). An Open Source Approach for Modernizing Message-Processing and Transactional COBOL Applications by Integration in Java EE Application Servers.
In: Escalona M., Domínguez Mayo F., Majchrzak T., Monfort V. (eds) Web Information Systems and Technologies. WEBIST 2018. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 372. Springer, Cham.

Free Online Demo

You may either download and setup QWICS yourself, or try our free online demo. Just sign up and get access to your personal, fully browser-based QWICS demo and evaluation environment! If you require an installation of a full-fledged development and testing environment or professional developer support, please look for the commercial offers on our partner website QWICS Enterprise Systems.

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